Presentation of the FARAMIR demo at the France Telecom / Orange Labs research fair

WiNGroup along with the other FARAMIR project partners have successfully presented the FARAMIR demo platform at the internal research fair in France Telecom / Orange Labs in Paris, December 6-8, 2011. The demo platform named “Cognitive cellular radio: Discover the radio environment to enhance the network engineering performance” represents an advanced version of the award winning platform at DySPAN in May 2011. The purpose of the demo platform is to provide awareness of the spectrum usage in the environment through the use of Radio Environmental Maps (REMs) and to use the REM information for intelligent allocation of radio resources. The presented scenario encompasses three Tx-Rx pairs (used alike femto devices) located in near vicinity which try to communicate on the same channel. The REM based system uses the geo-localized measurements and provides information about spectrum occupancy. Using the REM information the system dynamically reallocates communication channels and performs power control of the transmitters thus lowering the interference between communicating pairs. The demo platform was followed with great interest by Orange Labs representatives, the research, development and operational directors of France Telecom, as well as external delegations from Fujitsu, Siemens, European Commission etc. The proof of success could also be found in the words by research director of France Telecom “I can assure you that we’ll go on working on that very appealing subject and have the chance to produce very interesting stuff”.